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Coronaed and Only Five Days to Publication

I should have started blogging a long time ago, but there it is... time, or lack of it. I need to make time, I tell myself. But I've been inundated with orders for making cloth face masks. It is my wartime effort for the cause. It is five days before my second book, Time Lies is published and I'm very conscious of the fact that my potential readers have been coronaed.

Is this a good or a bad thing? In marketing my first book, Time Passages, I have relied heavily on providing signed copies to friends (coronaed); to my family (most of whom live on the other side of the country, so even more coronaed); to my work colleagues (I've been retired from nursing for too long now, besides which they're all a bit busy at the moment, so definitely coronaed); to children during school author visits (schools are either closed or stressed out of their coronaed minds); meeting new people at various festivals (no chance over this summer), and selling to customers who visit my craft stall at the numerous, and very chatty, pop-up craft fairs which I attend over the year. I reckon I've been well and truly coronaed this year, because what people want when they buy my book is a little piece of me! I chat to anyone who is interested in my books and my craft. In fact, I will chat about any subject that interests a customer, but I especially like chatting about books. I love to chat - this is how I sell my books. Each sale is face to face, each sale hard won. The customer is buying me, rather than my book. So, all of my normal marketing strategies are redundant until October, I reckon. I'd better get chatting on social media... but I've just got a bit of time to make a few more face masks.

So, all that is out until October I reckon. I'd better get going on social media... and I've just got a bit of time to make a few more face masks.

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