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Coronaed on Publication Day

Since I wrote my last blog five days ago, with the realisation that I had previously relied heavily upon face to face contact for marketing my books, I got cracking on social media.

I have tweeted willy-nilly because I don't really get Twitter. Yes, I know that it is a great platform for reaching other authors and book-lovers, but I just can’t be bothered with all the smartypants one-liners! I engage better with Facebook, having built up contacts during the marketing of my first book, Time Passages. On Facebook, I’ve posted lots of photos, comments and even a blog.

I took my blog from my own author website, which I have spent a long time updating to accommodate Covid-19, and I posted it to Facebook, Instagram… and to Goodreads, the online reading library and review platform created by Amazon. I am a ‘Goodreads Author’, so I blogged onto my author profile.

Then I started using Instagram, which I find much easier than tweeting, but because it is linked to Facebook, I find that my posts pop up all over the place! However, as most young people now use Instagram instead of Facebook, and Time Lies is aimed at young teens and above, I needed to add yet another social platform to my list.

And people have suggested that I sign up to LinkedIn! No! Enough of the social media. I now spend all day surfing, tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, answering Goodreads post… and now I don’t have any time to write!

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